Saturday, May 5, 2012

Boise River Gold Country. Book Signing Successful

Old-Timer Panning for Gold.
Idaho State Historical Society.
(Follow-up to book signing "report.")

Those who follow the blog regularly may recall that on Monday, April 23rd, I sat in the living room and wondered, “What the heck am I going to do with one hundred copies of my book?”

On Sunday afternoon (April 29th), I looked at four meager copies and wondered, “Gee, how many more should I order?”

As you can tell from the numbers, the book signing in Idaho City -- at Donna’s Place -- went far better than I could have ever hoped. THANK YOU! to all of those who showed up to buy books and have them signed. There for awhile Skip Myers and I had a kind of “assembly line” going where we’d sign a copy and then swap so the other could finish.

Honestly, I’m not exactly sure how many we signed. At the end of the day, Skip wrote a check to me for 85 books. Perhaps 10-15 of those were unsigned copies held for future sales. (We sent two unsigned copies to the Placerville store early that morning.) Thanks to "Mindy" and Skip, I now have some photos taken during the event. Here are two samples:
Skip in Suspenders, Me in the Hat, Plus Two Happy Buyers
One of Several People Who Bought Two Copies

We certainly expect to do more signings, but right now the only “for sure” joint event is the one planned for Memorial Day weekend (May 26-28) at Donna’s Place in Idaho City. I’ll let you know about other events as our plans “gel.”

(For more information about the book, go to the previous book blog, which includes the Table of Contents, or click on the cover image on the left.)


  1. And a good time was had by all! My wife and I enjoyed meeting you and Skip and we had fun re-exploring Idaho City. The huckleberry ice cream cones ad Donna's were great, too. Congratulations on the book!!!

  2. Nice meeting you too, John. You have some fascinating tokens -- thanks for bringing them over. (But, darn, I missed the huckleberry ice cream.)