Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Guest Blog: Paris, Idaho; Pioneer Families Rich and Budge

A bit over a week ago, a fellow blogger, “Leslie Ann,” offered me the chance to do a guest blog for her site, Ancestors Live Here (it’s included on my “Links” page). As you can tell from her title, her blog leans more toward genealogy and family history. Leslie has done a remarkable amount of work for her blog, and she even has another one called Lost Family Treasures. Amazing.

Anyway, in keeping with her theme, and the fact that she has roots in Paris, Idaho, I prepared an article that has a bit of town history. But most of the material involves two prominent Paris family heads: Charles Coulson Rich (who founded the town) and William Budge (who became President of the LDS Bear Lake Stake). She has the article posted here.

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