Saturday, October 17, 2009

Comments and Feedback Wanted

Receiving a comment on the “On This Day” post for today made me think about the fact that I’m not seeing very many comments … overall. And no feedback. For example, just this morning I realized I had mislabeled the list of Linked Web Pages, but no one called me on it.

To encourage feedback, I have inserted my e-mail address (hopefully masked against most automated e-mail address grabbers) into my Profile. Feel free.

Some of you who may be unfamiliar with, and put off by, the blog Comment process. It’s really not all that bad, as I’ll show. When you hit the comments  command, you get a box where you can enter your text. If you enter your comment and then click on the Post Comment button, the system will tell you to “Please choose a profile” (note the red text in the example above).

When you click on the “Select Profle” button, a dropdown menu shows some choices. If you already have a Username (and password) among the accounts, you probably don’t need these instructions.

In the second illustration, I have scrolled the list down to “Anonymous” -- which is how your comment will be attributed in the blog. (You can always “sign” your comment inside the text box with your name or some other identifier..) With that selected, you can again hit the “Post Comment” button.

The “Word Verification” screen presents some “swirly” letters that you must type into the box -- “nicshre” in my example. (Generally that’s easy for a person, but automated programs can’t interpret what is actually a graphic image.)

When you type in the letters and click the final “Post Comment” button, a message appears: “Your comment will be visible after approval.” The system will send me an e-mail telling me to “moderate” the comment. I do have the option to reject a comment, but hope that won’t be necessary. (Disagreement can be healthy, as long as it’s expressed in suitable language and doesn’t turn personal.)

Hope this helps.


  1. Evan,

    I really enjoyed reading your blog. I have a connection with Idaho in one John Neptune Marion Moore, my 1st cousin, 3rd removed. You may know him as J. Marion More. He was killed in a gunfight in Silver City, 1868.

    David Moore
    Weatherford, TX

  2. Evan

    I have a new project starting for Lewiston's sesquicentennial: "This Day in Lewiston's History." I want to know if you can search your posts for anything with a conenction to Lewiston.


  3. I certainly can. I should point out that I am still adding items to the database, but I can certainly send you what I have, and any items I add as I do more research. BTW: Blogspot says your Profile cannot be display, so I'm guessing I know who you are and will handle a direct reply via e-mail.